Electricity Usage Of The Palmer Studio

The electricity usage of our Wix Website(this website you're viewing) is unknown.

Blaine's Server:

Blaine's Server is used to host all our services. It is a normal custom-built PC with around about 88 - 400W of electricity being used.

Note: When our electricity provider is load shedding heavily, we turn Blaine's Server off to reduce the load on our electricity provider.

Blaine's PC:

Blaine's PC is used to manage all of our services. Blaine's PC is Blaine's main PC. It is a gaming custom-built PC with about 300-750W max being used.

Our Routers:

Our Routers are the devices that provide internet to us and make our services available to you. They both use around 20 watts in total.

Lights of Blaine's Room:

For my birthday in 2022, I got a smart light bulb. I've set it to automatically turn off when I leave my home, therefore, reducing the load on our electricity provider even more. It adjusts the brightness depending on the weather condition so only the required brightness is used. It uses a max of 9W.
There is also 3 normal lights that probably use 30W in total.

Our electricity provider(ESKOM) gets around 77% of its electricity from fossil fuels, 6% from nuclear, and around 16.1% comes from renewable sources.